Get 60+ CPE credits until 2023 for $67

Let’s face it: CPA CPE is the worst.

It’s one more thing on your plate. It’s a complete hassle, and most of it is coma-inducing.

Even worse than boring CPE is expensive AND boring CPE.

To make your Accounting CPE a little less horrible, we’ve partnered with the AICPA & the Business Learning Institute to bring you NASBA-Approved CPA CPE that won’t make you re-think your chosen profession (tax season does that enough already).

Some of them are even MBA-type topics.

It’s like business school without the student loans. 🙂

NASBA-Approved CPA CPE Courses like…


  • Pre-Engagement Planning Activities
  • Preliminary Planning Activities
  • Internal Control Considerations
  • Assessing and Responding to Risk
  • Substantive Testing
  • Engagement Wrap-Up
  • Identifying, Evaluating, and Communicating Internal Control Deficiencies
  • Engagement Wrap-up and Quality Control Considerations

Business Law:

  • Basics of Business Law

Business Management & Organization:

  • Faster Disaster Recovery
  • Essence Of Entrepreneurship
  • Effective Change Management
  • Business Benefits of Sustainability
  • Better Budgeting and Forecasting
  • How to Build a Culture of Engagement that Maximizes Trust, Accountability and Performance

Communications & Marketing:

  • Client Needs: Beyond Best Practices in Client and Customer Service
  • Smarter Decision-making
  • Presenting Financial Information
  • Powerful Presentation Skills
  • Masterful Marketing
  • Listening For Leaders
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communicating For Connections With Coworkers, Clients, And Customers
  • Building a Stronger Professional Network
  • Financial Storytelling: The Key in Growing Your Organization to the Next Level

Ethics – Behavioral:

  • Ethics: Avoiding the Slippery Slope of Ethical Pressures

Management Services:

  • Risk Management
  • Project Management
  • Preventing and Detecting Fraud
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Balanced Scorecard

Personal Development:

  • Development: Moving From Employee to Manager to Leader
  • Teamwork And High-performance Teams
  • Strategy for Success
  • Latest in Leadership
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • The Strategic Finance Department – 15 New Roles
  • The Future-ready Finance & Accounting Professional – Welcome to the Fast Future
  • How to Identify, Explain, and Present Pertinent Financial Information to Non-Accountants
  • CPA Firm Business Development
  • From Financial Expert to Strategic Business Leader: Leader Evolution

Personnel/Human Resources:

  • The Next Generation: A Different Take on the Generations
  • Motivating the Next Workforce
  • Inclusion: Building a Sustainable Culture of Diversity
  • Building a Productive, Resilient Workforce
  • Avoiding Ulcers in the “New Abnormal World”
  • Get the Right Work Done (in less time): The Future of Time Management

General Accounting:

  • Accounting & Attest Update Part 1
  • Accounting & Attest Update Part 2


  • Annual Tax Update

This is a brand new CPE product, and while everything works (course videos, CPE certificates, etc), we are working out some of the kinks with the menus and on-page stuff. As more and more CPAs are subscribing, fewer and fewer issues are coming up. A good thing.

The house is ready to move in … just need to touch up some drywall.

You get the metaphor.

The Price: $67 a month. Get your CPE. Cancel. Move on with your Life.

Just like NINJA CPA and NINJA CMA, NINJA CPE is always $67, no commitments (ever), no hidden fees (ever), and no drama (ever).

Same price. Same setup. Same everything.


To buy us a little (or a lot of) grace as we get that “drywall” touched up, we are launching NINJA CPE for $67 – a flat, one-time charge until 2023.

This means that instead of $67 monthly, you get NINJA CPE for…









… for a TOTAL price of $67.

60+ NASBA-approved CPE credits for $67 TOTAL

“That’s like … a dollar an hour!” – Napoleon Dynamite

No more scouring the internet for cheap CPE.

Your time is way more valuable than that.

AND … if you think NINJA CPE is dog water (for those of us with teenagers who play online games, you’ve undoubtedly heard this phrase … it’s important to stay relevant on accounting & tax laws, as well as gaming vernacular)…

We will refund your money – no questions asked.

That’s as risk-free as it gets. Nothing but upside.


Q: How long is this deal available?

A: Until 12/31. Sign up now vs sign up later … same price, just access isn’t as long the longer you wait, if that makes sense. No downside to signing up now.

Q: Are these courses on-demand (pre-recorded)?

A: Pre-recorded with a quiz.

Q: How do we get Ninja CPE for the flat, a one-time charge of $67? The website shows it as $67/monthly.

A: Good question – the adjustment should show up at checkout.